“Content is King” – A Myth (প্রচলিত ভুল ধারণা?)

This is a guest post by Faruque Alam

In my last job, I used to write technical documents for International tenders on how to integrate different IT related products provided by different suppliers. I had a colleague who is very good at writing long documents. But he had no technical knowledge.

I would write a 5-page technical document and give that to him. He would convert that into a 30-40 page document. The 2 documents are exactly the same. They have the same solution. No new information added.  Just bloated like puffed rice.

Now, which is better – the short one or the long one. To a human it’s the same; they just have to spend a longer time reading the other.

Will Google Know Any Better?


Google does not know that the longer article is wasting the reader’s time. 

Will Google weigh the 2 articles the same?


The longer article will get more preference. Google will most likely think the longer article is more researched and the content is more informative.

Why? Well, the reader is spending more time reading it!

Second Story – Fiverr Writer

This writer wrote me two 1000 word articles for me. I could not find one mistake in the whole document. Very well formatted with heading, short sentences, and small paragraphs.

Both the documents had only one meaning. And that is, the product will serve the purpose you are buying it for. She did not mention how. Nor did she mention how it’s good or bad.

She wrote the specifications rearranging the words from Amazon.

I could not find anything wrong and had to pay her dues without argument. In fact, I was amazed at her skill of explaining only one small subject in 2,000 words (2 articles, 1000 each) and never repeating.

Will it rank in Google?

Maybe not.

The bounce rate will be high. Even the second sentence has the same meaning as the first.

Let Me Clear My Base

Question may arise, if I can write content, why do I have them written by other writers? For one, I hate writing. It was my job, so I had to write. Second, after writing 3-4 articles I tend to repeat myself – not a very useful trait, is it.

One more thing. I’m not talking about content with bad grammar or written in bad English. I’m talking about articles with good grammar, standard acceptable English. Content that provides a solution, unique, SEO optimized, has images with tags, blah, blah, blah…

Why Myth

SERP of content is king

Google the phrase “Content is King”. The first result on “medium .com” is about what Bill Gates said about it. The content writer just add 2 lines and pasted what Bill Gates said in 1996. This ranked number one! No doubt, the content is good – it’s by Bill Gates. It’s the same case with the one in the 5th position article. It’s not written by the post owner.

The site on the 3rd position has a content which, to me, is not a good. Try reading the article, it’s not a smooth read either. It’s like my Fiverr writer. The 1000-word article has very little meaning.

But I digress.

Why is it a myth? People believe “Content is King” but it’s not true.

Everybody Has Good Content

“Almost everyone sitting on the top 10 have good quality content.”

By now everybody knows “Content is King”. Everybody hires the best writer and editor they can afford.

Technically Correct Content

Google has no way of knowing if a content is technically correct. If you say a scissor can fly 200 km/h, Google has no way of knowing that a scissor cannot fly. The marketers themselves are becoming more knowledgeable or hire knowledgeable people. They see the correctness of the article.

Correct useful information counts for returning visitors. Good for Google ranking. Still does not make it a king.

Content is Not King

Now, you have excellent and technically correct content. You have a king, I have a king and so does everybody around you. Having an excellent article is not enough.

Even a low-quality content can rank high in Google. I have seen posts rank in the top ten with very little content. For example bestreviews .guide. No article, just names.

King has become a pawn! And yes, just like chess a simple pawn can sometimes become as powerful as the queen. But that’s sometimes.

Top Secret – Don’t Tell Anyone

 Backlinks are the kings, queens, castles, bishops, knights, and pawns -quality backlinks.

N.B. I’m a simple man. I think simply. I don’t know a lot. With my limited knowledge, this is my observation and understanding.




Faruque Alam

I did my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University, the USA in 1998. I have worked in Desktop Computer Connection Ltd till 2011.Started my own computer firm Dhaka Soft Ltd. 2013 with some acquaintances. Had to give that up because of a partnership problem in 2016.Lost all my savings in that company. In 2016 I attended a Payoneer meet up and saw Al-amin Bhai's presentation. That inspired me and did his course on Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Currently, I have 2 sites. I make a decent amount from the 2 sites. I also have a side business, completely unrelated to IT